...a little more about me

I got my first sewing machine, a battery operated ‘Zig Zag’ toy when I was 7 years old. On that I made skirts I actually wore and was hooked on sewing!   At 9, I progressed to an electric machine and upgraded to another at 11. At 14 I bought my first brand new machine. 

Sewing is in my blood. My grandfather’s family were very successful tailors during the 1900s and although my mum didn’t follow the family tradition, she encouraged my interest to sew everything from jeans to calisthenics costumes. I am largely self-taught.  

After completing school then university I could afford a really good domestic machine but not the nice expensive suits I needed to wear for my job! So I learned tailoring skills, made my own suits and was encouraged by colleagues to make bespoke suits for others under the label Executive Mode. Once children came along though, my range moved from boardroom to nursery items. Then, with the time constraints of returning to full time work and raising two busy children the sewing machine was put aside for (too) many years.

Now with the kids grown I have time to satisfy my creative urges and have added three industrial machines to the sewing machine stable.  And now I  make unique handbags and accessory products – with a difference.