What I do, where and why....

This relatively new material is sourced from the bark of the Quercus suber oak tree native to the Mediterranean region. My choice of cork as a medium wasn't just for its distinctiveness; the more I work with it, the more I appreciate its durability and luxurious feel, akin to leather. What sets Cork apart are the added benefits of sustainability, ecological friendliness, scratch resistance, water resistance, and lightweight properties.

Inspired by the natural beauty of the high-country bush, wildlife and the rich gold mining history of the district, my range features practical, fashionable, and functional bags in earthy tones that complement a relaxed lifestyle. In a tribute to my gold mining ancestors who pioneered the district, my collections carry a gold mining or pioneer theme, such as the Eureka Bucket Bag, the Prospector Hipster, Eldorado Triple Zip Crossbody, and the Mary-Ellen Handbag – a nod to my great-great grandmother Mary Allen, a remarkable and respected pioneer of the district. Even the brand itself is an homage to my nanna Rose Wray, who entertained us with tales of the formidable Gran Allen.

I personally handle all aspects of construction to ensure the highest quality craftsmanship. For brand consistency, I use custom-designed cotton printed in Melbourne as my lining, along with high-quality antique brass hardware and fittings throughout.

I stand against disposable culture and believe in offering practical fashionable and durable products that you’ll cherish for a long time. Each item is crafted to uncompromising standards, and even if I make several of the same style, no two items are exactly alike – ensuring you get a one-of-a kind Jamieson Rose product.

I’m confident that your Jamieson Rose product will bring you joy for many years to come. Thank you for being part of the Jamison Rose journey where I strive to blend and fashion and function, with ecology and heritage.

A little more about Me...

I received my first sewing machine at the tender age of 7, a battery-operated 'Zig Zag' toy that sparked my early passion for sewing. I crafted skirts I proudly wore, igniting a lifelong love for this creative endeavour. By 9, I upgraded to an electric machine, and at 11, I stepped up once more. At 14, I proudly acquired my first brand new machine.

Sewing runs deep in my veins; my grandfather's family were esteemed tailors in the 1900s. While my mother didn't pursue the family tradition, she fuelled my interest, guiding me through the creation of everything from jeans to calisthenics costumes. My sewing journey has been primarily self-taught.

Post-school and university, I could afford a quality domestic machine but not the high-end suits required for my job. Determined, I learned tailoring skills, fashioning my own suits. Encouraged by colleagues, I ventured into crafting bespoke suits under the label Executive Mode. However, as the responsibilities of motherhood beckoned, my focus shifted from the boardroom to nursery items.

The demands of full-time work and raising two dynamic children led to a hiatus from my sewing machine for far too many years. Now, with the kids grown, I'm free to indulge my creative urges. I've expanded my sewing machine collection to include three industrial machines, allowing me to explore a new frontier.

Presently, my craft has evolved to the creation of unique handbags and accessories—with a distinctive touch. This chapter in my sewing journey marks a resurgence of passion and the fulfillment of long-delayed creative aspirations.

Make a bag with me

I create stylish bags and accessories using Cork textile in my dedicated studio located in Jamieson. This innovative material is derived from the bark of cork oak trees indigenous to Portugal. Similar to leather, cork has a luxurious feel, yet with the added advantage of being sustainabile, scratch resistant, and water resistant. Additionally, cork-made bags are exceptionally lightweight, offering a perfect blend of style and eco-conscious functionality. Like leather cork is natural material and may exhibit wear at stress points and develop a unique patina over time that reflects your connection to your bag.

Each bag is meticulously handcrafted to guarantee the highest quality, featuring a unique Jamieson Rose custom-designed cotton lining and top-notch hardware. No two bags are exactly alike; each is individually hand-cut and meticulously crafted using a variety of hand tools and three different industrial sewing machines.

Our bags are designed for individuals who seek alternatives to leather or appreciate distinctive craftsmanship. The consistent use of antique brass hardware and tan top stitching across the range embodies a relaxed, natural style that resonates with our customers.

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