Meet the Maker

 Hi, my name is Rosemary Lloyd, the creator of Jamieson Rose fashionable and functional handbags and accessories. 

My range includes bags made from environmentally sustainable vegan-friendly cork,  leather or heavy duty fabric quality hardware and hard-wearing linings. 

All JamiesonRose items are handmade by me. Most are my own designs, however full credit and acknowledgement is given to other very talented bag designers locally and abroad when I create with their designs. 

I work from my studio in the beautiful historic town of Jamieson in the northeast ranges of Victoria, where I have family roots reaching back to the founders of the area during the 1850’s gold rush..Some of the names of my bags give a nod to the local gold history. 

Much of my motivation to produce sustainable quality items comes from a desire to protect our beautiful countryside. And with the kookaburras laughing happily in the gum trees and the Jamieson River babbling through our property I have the perfect environment for creativity and inspiration. 

Materials used in Jamieson Rose items 

Cork fabric features in most of my items.  An amazing alternative to leather, cork fabric is made from bark of the oak species Quercus suber, native to Portugal and Spain. It is often referred to as 'vegan leather'.

Cork fabric is as soft and pliable as leather and doesn’t scratch or crack, so cork bags look and feel great.  And because the trees are not damaged by stripping the bark, and the re-grown bark is harvested only every 7-10 years, cork fabric is sustainable!

I source other fabrics and leather locally and overseas with the purpose of the bag in mind. Some bags call for very soft leather and/or heavy-weight fabrics that have been ‘martindale’ or ‘rub’ tested to affirm durability. 

For linings I like to use good quality cotton, often with an Australian flora or fauna print. Sometimes waterproof canvas is a better option - especially for cosmetic bags.   All bags feature a combination of interfacings and interlinings for increased sturdiness.

Whilst the materials and what goes on between the bag layers is really important to the durability of the bag, it’s the ‘bling’ that makes them really special and fun. I use heavy-duty metal hardware sourced locally and internationally to complement the designs.


Philosophically I’m not a fan of stuff! Personally, I’d rather have fewer good-quality items than cupboards full of cheap things that will ultimately end as landfill.  So you won’t find disposable items here. Rather, I have chosen to offer practical  products that are fashionable and durable that I hope you will love and want to use and keep for a long time.

Each of my products is made to uncompromising standards within the tolerance limits of handmade. Some items can take several days to manufacture while others take only a few hours. And while I make several of the same style, no two items are exactly the same, so you can be assured you are getting a one-of-a-kind JamiesonRose product.

I am confident you will be happy with your JamiesonRose product and enjoy it for many years.